Variety Box 10 x premium juices

$59.00 available on subscription

10 x 300ml juices from our premium range.

This box is perfect for the person that wants a variety of fresh juices delivered.




About Product

This box is perfect for the person that wants a variety of fresh juices delivered.

In this box you will receive a delivery of x 10 300ml juices from our premium range.

If you can’t have any of our juices, please leave any variety changes in the notes area when ordering & refer to bottom of this page for menu selection.

Your box will have any one of the varieties listed below with what is available at any given time seasonally on our website.


Leafy greens, Celery, Red raw, Rise, Shine, Up beet, Greenie smoothie, Hydrator, Radiate, Juice of the month

Orange + Pineapple, Almond mylk plain, Orange + apple + carrot + ginger, Orange + Raspberry, Watermelon + Strawberry + Apple, Orange + Passionfruit, Straight Orange.

Pressed juice has many health benefits, is all natural & tastes amazing. Drink pressed juices weekly with a Krave juice subscription.


Oranges provide us with the very necessary vitamin C which protects your cells from damage. Vitamin C also helps your body to make collagen; a protein that heals wounds, gives you smoother skin, and makes it easier for your body to absorb iron to fight anemia. Ginger is a “super root” containing many healing properties, including aiding in digestion, circulation, and inflammation. It helps to fight cold and flu symptoms and is considered to have anti-cancer properties. Carrots contain a heavy dose of vitamin A which is crucial for eye health and helps protect your cells from conditions like cancer and heart disease.


  • Your subscription will be delivered each Tuesday within your chosen timeslot.
  • You do not need to be home; your juices will be left in a cooler bag in a safe location at your door.
  • You can update your subscription to be weekly, fortnightly, monthly delivery.
  • If going on a holiday you can skip or pause your subscription.

All subscriptions receive free delivery after your first delivery.


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