Tight Tummy (3 day cleanse)

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6 x juices + 1 x shot per day for 3 days (includes instruction email)

Plus a bonus free gift (500ml Calming anti bloat evening elixir)

Join us in this 3-day box to fill your body with health and vitality while calming and shrinking your stomach. Generally, we eat until we feel full or overfull, this stretches our stomach, we then need to eat more to feel fulfilled in our meal.

Let’s give our bodies a break & drink something fresh to make us feel amazing.

This box is a cleanse with healthy snack and food ideas for 3 days, encouraging liquid by day with optional light dinner suggestions.

Each day enjoy the following juices in your Tight Tummy cleanse box (300ml).

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About Product

  1. An option of Apple + Lemon or Celery + Lemon: A alkaline stomach is a happy stomach
  2. Almond plain (Activated almonds + Medjool dates + pink salt + H20)
  3. Red raw: Natures natural glow promotor (Carrot + Beets + Apple + H20 + Lemon)
  4. Greenie smoothie (Pineapple + Apple + Spinach + Kale + Alpha + Lemon + Banana + Cashew nut + Oats
  5. (100ml Anti bloat pineapple mint wellness booster)
  6. Hydrator (Watermelon + Pineapple + Cucumber + Ginger + Lime)
  7. Leafy Greens (Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon + Spinach + Kale + Alpha + Lemon)
  8. Bonus gift (500ml Calming anti bloat evening elixir)

Once you order this box, you will receive an email to give you time to prep your optional suggested snacks.

Drinking fresh pressed is a wonderful decision. Feel the difference with Krave juice.




1 review for Tight Tummy (3 day cleanse)

  1. (verified owner)

    I’m just about to finish my 3-day cleanse and it’s been amazing. I didn’t do it for weight loss – my focus was to reduce my bloating and do a general reset. I had been craving sugar and overeating which had been leading to digestive issues. I found this cleanse easy to follow, I didn’t feel hungry because you’re having juices continuously throughout the day, and i’ve seen a very noticeable change in my bloating. My body just feels happier and i’m looking forward to continuing on with semi-regular 3 or 1 day cleanses.

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